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What is Microblading?            

Microblading is a new technique that fills brows out or reshapes them by drawing out tiny lines that look like individual hairs, so the look is more natural. Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. Using a very fine blade, pigment is impacted into the epidermal layer of the skin, the one that naturally renews itself on a regular basis. Because we are introducing pigment so close to the surface of the skin, we’re able to mimic natural hairs in your brows. For this same reason it is semi-permanent, lasting between 1-2 years. Microblading is also known as cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, pigment embroidery, 3-D brows, eyebrow embroidery, or microstroking.

Bolder Eyebrows   

It doesn’t matter if you like them arched, feathered, or straight and bold, eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. If you’re not satisfied with the ones you have, there are so many ways to update them using a very natural option that delivers semi-permanent results… microblading.  Those who just want to add a slight arch are also great candidates, and the results are a natural, undetectable fringe. Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows.

We also offer Microblading Training Certifications!